June 8, 2022

What to do about dry eye?

Dry eyes occur when the surface of the eye is no longer sufficiently hydrated and lubricated. This is either because there is insufficient tear production or because the tears evaporate too quickly.

The symptoms of dry eye range from the simple discomfort of blinking, to the sensation of a foreign body, sand grains, eye fatigue, burning. The eyes sting, redden, rub, and the discomfort may be accompanied by tearing, headaches, dark circles, and heavy eyelids.

The causes are multiple and can be due to hormonal imbalances, ageing which makes the eye more sensitive, a lack of omega 3 in the diet, or even the aftermath of an operation.

But among the common causes of dry eye, we find environmental factors: pollution, air conditioning, dust, wind, chlorine, time spent in front of a screen, or the prolonged wearing of contact lenses.

All these factors influence the production of our tears and the quality of the tear film. This film, which is spread over the surface of our eyes by blinking, is made up of different components (water, mucus, lipids). If one of these components is missing, the film no longer fulfils its protective role. And it is often the lipids that are missing.

Maintaining a good tear film balance is essential to avoid dry eye syndrome.

What to do if you start to feel discomfort?

Limit contact with environmental factors!

  • If you work a lot with screens, it is important to take breaks and not to exceed 6 hours a day,
  • If you wear contact lenses, be careful to follow the instructions for use and the recommendations of your ophthalmologist,
  • If you travel a lot by car, turning off the air conditioning from time to time will do your eyes good.

Taking care of your eyes, every day!

Take the time to pamper them, to clean them with eye lotions or physiological water, especially if you wear contact lenses. From time to time, put warm, moist compresses on your eyelids. And above all, moisturise your eyes with a suitable eye solution for dry eyes.

INNOXA LABORATORIES eye spray for tired and very dry eyes has a triple moisturizing, refreshing and lubricating action. Thanks to its soft nebulization, it is used on closed eye or open eye. Composed of liposomes that lubricate, hyaluronic acid that moisturizes and aloe vera that soothes, its latest generation formula is designed to immediately relieve the sensations associated with dry eyes.