June 8, 2022

I'm always tearing up and yet the eye doctor tells me my eyes are dry!

Tears that don't moisturise? How is this possible?

The tear film is made up of a watery part, a mucus part and finally a lipid part produced by small glands located in the eyelids called Meibomius glands. During blinking, the movement of the eyelids mixes these components and draws them onto the surface of the eye, creating a protective and moisturising barrier.

When we notice symptoms of dry eye, it is either because there is a deficit of tears, or because the tear film does not contain enough of these precious lipids which lubricate the surface of the eye and prevent the evaporation of tears. When tears evaporate too quickly, they are also produced excessively to compensate for this, as our bodies are made to do.

However, these tears, which are in excessive quantities and make the eyes weep in a cocker spaniel fashion, are not lubricating enough. This is why a dry eye can be very watery.

What can be done to avoid this?

Take care of your eyelids as well as your eyes!

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to notice Meibomius gland dysfunction, which is very insidious. The eyelids must be cleaned gently every day, taking care to clean the edge with a cotton wool pad soaked in eye lotion or physiological serum. Moreover, the eyelids do not like the cold, which thickens these lipid secretions. Applying small, moist, warm compresses to the eyelids will do the Meibomius glands good!

Moreover, it is essential to hydrate the eyelids well. The gentle nebulization of INNOXA LABORATOIRES spray for tired and very dry eyes, formulated with liposomes that lubricate the tear film, hyaluronic acid, which is a humectant that is very well tolerated by the surface of the eye, and aloe vera, which is both moisturizing and soothing, is perfectly suited to caring for the eye and eyelid. This spray is so gentle that it can be used on both closed and open eyes. Use as often as necessary, following the instructions on the label.