June 8, 2022

Would you prefer drops or spray?

After working on a computer or in case of an allergic reaction, our eyes can quickly become dry and irritated. To deal with this, ready-to-use solutions exist, such as eye drops or sprays.

Which product to choose?

What is the difference?

What results can we expect?

All your questions are answered in this article.

What causes dryness and irritation in the eye?

Dry and irritated eyes, or red eyes, can be the result of various behaviours or external factors. These include, for example

  • an allergy,
  • Prolonged exposure to screens, especially when working with computers,
  • regular contact lens wear,
  • exposure to pollution, especially in large cities,
  • unsuitable or badly cleaned make-up,
  • eye strain.

The symptoms caused are particularly unpleasant and disturbing in everyday life. Reducing or, if possible, eliminating them is a real challenge.

Eye drops and eye sprays, such as those developed by Innoxa Laboratories, are a reliable and accessible solution for treating irritated and dry eyes.

Eye drops

When our eyes are irritated, tired or very red, it is difficult to know which product to use between eye drops and spray. Both have the same purpose, to relieve our eyes, but are not used in the same way.

Eye drops are part of what are known as ophthalmic solutions.

Many people are attracted to them because of the quality of their construction and their high efficiency.

Innoxa Laboratories are among the leaders in the sector. Their eye drops have a particularly targeted action on the discomfort felt. By simply applying a few drops of this solution directly into the eye, it will be possible to feel immediate relief from feelings of dryness and discomfort.

These eye drops are available in two formulas: a blue formula based on methyleneblue, which whitens the white of the eye, and a colorless formula that is perfect for contact lens wearers.

Regardless of the drop formula chosen, the major advantage of eye drops is that they can relieve all the discomfort felt in the space of a few minutes, or even a few seconds. This benefit is made possible thanks to the floral waters and the trehalose present in the composition of the drops. Indeed, Innoxa Laboratories are the only ones to combine floral waters and trehalose, the latter substance being recognized for its protective, moisturizing and antioxidant properties for dry and irritated eyes.

Trehalose, otherwise known as the 'Kill Sugar of Life', is a sugar derivative. In addition to its use in eye drops, it is also associated with the survival of various organisms living in extreme environments. In addition, it is used to save grafts during transplants.

Beyond that, it has been proven that Innoxa's drops also have therapeutic effects on the condition of the cornea by increasing the quality of the corneal barrier and restoring the integrity of the corneal membrane.

Finally, Innoxa drops have a whitening effect on the white of the eye, which helps regulate eyes that tend to turn yellow or red.

The eye spray

On the basic principle, eye drops and eye sprays are similar in many respects. An eye spray, like eye drops, aims to relieve symptoms such as eye irritation and dryness by simply spraying the spray onto the eyes. Red and particularly irritated eyes can be treated in the same way.

However, what distinguishes Innoxa eye sprays is their triple action: moisturising, lubricating and refreshing.

In order to meet everyone's needs, Innoxa laboratoires have developed two different sprays.

The first eye spray has a liposomal action and is very effective in cases of tear film alteration, eye fatigue and discomfort, or intensive use of screens or contact lenses.

It has been designed with qualitative and finely selected ingredients that reinforce its active principle, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, B5 vitamins and liposomes.

The other Innoxa eye spray aims to have a soothing effect on irritated eyes. Colorless and odorless, it allows you to quickly and discreetly get rid of the symptoms you feel. This spray is ideal for people with contact lenses, its composition being healthy and balanced with chamomile and euphrasis.

Compared to the above-mentioned spray, this one is particularly suitable for itching, pollen allergies and reactions to chlorine or dust.

Eye drops versus eye spray: verdict

Now that the benefits and methods of action of each of these product categories have been analysed, the verdict is in.

As far as the objective is concerned, we can say that both drops and spray aim at the same thing, i.e. to relieve all the sensations of irritation, dryness, discomfort as well as the redness felt. These symptoms are due to a number of external aggressions suffered by our eyes, such as the return of pollens, pollution, prolonged exposure to screens or even the regular wearing of contact lenses.

The main difference between drops and sprays is the method of application.

The drops are placed directly in the eyes and are effective in just a few moments, while the sprays are sprayed on the eyes. The advantage of drops is that they work quickly, while the advantage of sprays is that they can be used anywhere in any context, including when wearing a mask, and are easy to carry around. Moreover, unlike drops, a spray does not require hand washing before and after use.

From an end result point of view, both types of products are equally effective. The choice will come down to which method of application is considered easiest by everyone, either by dropping drops in the eyes or by spraying the product.

How can I minimize eye irritation?

In addition to the use of ophthalmic solutions, it is true that a healthy lifestyle can greatly help in the prevention of eye irritation.

For example, always wash your hands before touching your eyes, to avoid putting them in contact with any dirt. Also, makeup applied to the inner corner of the eyelid can irritate the eyes if too much material is applied or if the makeup remains there for a long time. Avoid using makeup on the inside of your eyes as much as possible, or at least don't neglect the quality of your makeup removal once the evening comes.

Another example is exposure to screens, which has become inevitable nowadays. Between the television, the smartphone and the computer, which is essential for many modern workers, our eyes are very tired, which can even affect the quality of our vision. On this point, to prevent eye fatigue, you can turn to glasses filtering blue light. These glasses are equipped with a blue light filter to protect your eyes, and are also part of the various protection and eye care products offered by Innoxa Laboratories. Blue light is a type of light emitted by all screens, which over time attacks the cells in your retina and increases your fatigue, reducing the quality of your vision in the long term. Whether you need to add corrective lenses or if your eyesight is perfect, it doesn't matter, blue light glasses are fully customizable and ideal to accompany you throughout your day.