June 8, 2022

Dry eyes and contact lens wear

Who hasn't heard a friend or colleague say, "I can't have contacts because my eyes are dry.

The lenses are placed on top of the tear film that protects the surface of our eye. Everything works well if this tear film is intact, i.e. of good quality, sufficiently abundant and above all with all its components (water, mucus, lipids).

In cases of dry eye, this tear film is altered, causing the lens to rest directly on the cornea, which will be irritated.

In addition, due to environmental aggressions (dust, wind), contact lenses tend to lose their water content and rehydrate themselves by draining the components of the tear film, which becomes depleted and loses its ability to protect the eye.

It is therefore important for comfort and good eye health to pay attention to the quality of your lenses and to moisturise your eyes often.

If you experience symptoms of dry eyes (discomfort, foreign bodies, burning, stinging), it is also recommended that you do not wear contact lenses for prolonged periods. Use glasses when working with a computer screen or watching TV and remember to moisturise your eyes with a suitable eye solution.

The spray for dry and tired eyes is the perfect companion for your eyes. Thanks to its ingredients recognized in the ocular solutions, it brings you its triple action hydrating, refreshing and lubricating. Its soft nebulization, like a mist, allows an application on closed or open eyes, with or without lenses. To be used as frequently as necessary by respecting the indications on the notice.