June 8, 2022

Help, my book is hurting my eyes!

It just hit you in the middle of a chapter full of twists and turns: blurred vision, difficulty accommodating.

Perhaps you suffer from eye strain?

Although eye strain is not serious if it can be remedied, it can become restrictive and completely uncomfortable. It is due to excessive use of our eyes, too intense.

While our lifestyle leads us to consume too many screens, that we are exposed to a lot of light, our eyes are almost always in effort and their days are long. Because even when you are resting peacefully on the sofa with a good book or worse a tablet, your eyes continue to be solicited.

Other environmental factors can contribute to worsening the symptoms of eye fatigue, such as the air conditioning in our workplace and cars that dehydrate us, the abundance of dust, pollution, wind, chlorine in the pool.

Depending on the person, the sensations felt may be different. What should alert you?

A decrease in visual acuity and/or difficulty in accommodating,

A blurred vision,

A bit of glare,

Sensations of discomfort, sandiness, tingling,

Headaches or pain in or around the eye.

Remember to rest your eyes. Take breaks when working with screens or driving on long journeys. Put your book down for a few minutes before starting a new chapter and consider taking care of your eyes.

Within the framework of a feeling of discomfort, we advise you to use daily the SPRAY INNOXA LABORATORIES for the very dry and tired eyes. With its triple action which hydrates, refreshes and lubricates, it enables you to relieve the symptoms of the ocular tiredness. Its very soft nebulization allows an application closed eye / open eye, at any time of the day. Your eyes will be relieved immediately by the benefits of the ingredients (liposomes, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamins) and the freshness of this spray.

Naturally, if the symptoms persist or recur, a visit to an ophthalmologist is necessary. Only a health professional is qualified to make a diagnosis.