June 8, 2022

Allergies & dry eye

The awakening of nature is often spectacular, the allergic reaction can be too.

Allergy is a self-defense reaction of the body's immune system in the presence of an allergen. If some people are insensitive, others on the contrary can be hypersensitive to allergens. And this is the case when, in spring, pollens have a field day tickling the reactive areas of our face, in this case the mucous membranes, including the conjunctiva.

Frequently accompanied by allergic rhinitis, which manifests itself with a lot of sneezing, hence the pretty name of hay fever, the symptoms in the eye can also be quite intense. It starts with the feeling of having a grain of sand in the eye, then the symptoms increase very quickly, with watery eyes, swollen eyelids, itching and burning eyes. Those who know what they are talking about. The eye is irritated because of the intruder!

Naturally, you should avoid coming into contact with allergens (pollen, dust, animal dander, fungus spores, perfumes, etc.) as much as possible. But how to do this when they are everywhere? Of course, in the middle of the pollen season, it is preferable to avoid weekend outings to the animal park! But in addition to this preventive behaviour, it is possible to alleviate the symptoms by favouring a particular hygiene of its eyes.

Moreover, how to react while this state of inflammation of the eyes may mask other disorders, such as dry eyes?

Indeed, allergic reactions are accompanied by a large amount of tears which can be misleading, as tearing is also a symptom of dry eye. These tears will not lubricate dry eyes, which will remain dry, with symptoms ranging from blinking discomfort, eye strain, irritation, red eyes and burning.

The best way to avoid this decompensation is to protect the eyes and if possible to use artificial tears or a suitable eye solution.

Our advice for symptoms of allergic reactions: wash your eyes very gently, preferably with physiological water, and moisturise them as often as possible with a soothing solution.

The spray for the red and irritated eyes INNOXA LABORATORIES contains extracts of flowers famous for their calming action.

The natural ingredients in this formula are well known in ophthalmic solutions:

  • Euphrasia is a flower otherwise known as EYE BRIGHT, which has the particularity of being used for its decongesting and soothing aspect.
  • Chamomile, whose reputation is well established, is soothing.